Pai Gow Poker Software

Pai gow poker software is now offered by several of the online gaming casinos. This game was once only popular amount the Asian people who were playing online poker, but it has recently been gaining popularity among other players.

You can now take part in the King Kong game at the platform! Consider the casino en ligne site! To play this game you will be betting on a card game that gives each player seven cards, and from those seven cards the player must make two separate hands. One of the hands has five cards, and the other has two. You play against the banker, who is usually the casino, and you must beat both of the bankerÂ's hands to win. The game is not just a game of chance, because you have to possess some skills to organize your hands correctly.

Rival gaming has pai gow poker software on their web sites that you can download and play. These sites have a ten dollar minimum betting limit, and they have a maximum betting limit of $500 dollars. The pai gow poker software will not allow the player to bet lower, or higher than the preset limits. When you are dealt your hand you will see seven cards that are face up, and those are your playing cards, and you will see seven cards that are dealt face down, and those cards belong to the banker. You will be given a couple of different options in how you select the cards for each of your hands, like you can click on them, or you can allow the computer to decide the arrangement for you. If you are uncertain what cards to play, allow the computer to make the selection.

Cryptologic offers pai gow poker software on their site but it has a few differences. With this game site your betting limits are changed to a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $50. If you try to raise or lower the betting amount, the software will set the amount you are wagering back to the limit allowed. The cards will be dealt to you in the same way that the other software does, but you only have the option of picking the placement of your cards yourself.