Quicktender Online Casinos

You can transfer your funds either to or from your online casino account by making use of Easyspace Privacy. This system has proved its popularity all over the world. There are many online casinos which are using this tool increasingly for facilitation of monetary transactions. QuickTender is also known as UseMyWallet service by most online merchants. Look out for the UseMyWallet logo on websites. This denotes that QuickTender can be used for accepting payouts and making payments.

QuickTender essentially works as an electronic wallet. It allows you to make online purchases. This method of payment has been proved to be very effective in most cases. If QuickTender gives you any problems, there is a world class, highly effective customer service team which you can reach at any time. They will give you an informative and prompt reply for all your QuickTender queries.

The loading of cash to the QuickTender card is very easy. QuickTender accepts payments in US Dollars. A person can load cash into his or her QuickTender account using a credit card. Other methods in your country for online fund transfer can also be used to make this load. You are also able to make a link between the QuickTender account and a bank account so that you are able to withdraw funds from it and make a deposit in the bank account or vice versa.

How QuickTender works

Just as a regular wallet, only the funds which are in the wallet are usable for transactions. This is also the case with QuickTender. Once the customers have been registered and approved, they can deposit into their QuickTender account. When the cash is deposited, one can go to any online outlet accepting UseMyWallet service and either make payments or withdraw cash from their online casinos.

Benefits of using QuickTender

* It is very fast.
* It is incredibly safe.
* It provides relative anonymity.
* It has low online fees.

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